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Movie Review: To Jennifer

Do you like POV movies? Because To Jennifer is one of the best out in a long time.529599_416670198420652_1798947035_n

After The Blair Witch Project made it big, the horror genre became saturated with movies that address the camera and use filming as a plot device. Where others have failed, To Jennifer kills it. They give us a plausible reason, a compelling story, an interesting cast of characters, and a punchy third act.

To Jennifer is a very strong horror movie with thriller and humor elements.

We start out with the likeable Joey played by Chuck Pappas who believes that his long distance girlfriend is cheating on him. He rallies a couple buddies into helping him travel to confront her – filming the journey on an iPhone with the goal of giving her the video as proof of her infidelity.

It becomes a fun road trip of errors, but the hijinks give away to something much darker.

The three buddies: The trouble maker Martin played by Jody Barton whose only goal in life is to have a good time.  Steven, the cousin who doesn’t take anything seriously played by James Cullen Bressack, along with Joey are the heart of the movie. They each give strong performances, real performances. Instantly you like them, want to know what happens next, and are invested in the outcome of the movie.

Even the secondary characters are interesting to get to know, like Maria Olsen as Joey’s mother. From top to bottom, this is a well written horror excursion.

To Jennifer is character driven horror at its best.

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