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Blood Lake – Movie Review

We all have our weaknesses in life – mine includes gory sci-fi movies about nature gone wrong.blood lalke

Blood Lake has all the elements I want from one of these movies: blood, environmental overtones, family drama, and another reason to stay out of the water.

The monster is lampreys, which are a real threat to some eco-systems. But in this movie, they have a definite hunger for humans and rack up a respectable body count.

Although the cast includes Shannen Doherty, Zack Ward, and Christopher Lloyd – the lampreys are the star of the show. With an eager appetite and surprising ingenuity, they are a foe you don’t want to meet.

Blood Lake represents more than a blast of an eco-scifi-horror movie, it marks the transition of James Cullen Bressack from ultra indie to cable TV. We’ve reviewed past projects To Jennifer and 13/13/13  and we’ve had a blast watching his growth in the industry.

Blood Lake is currently on Netflix streaming along with all major VOD services.

Pop a batch of pop corn, curl up, and vow to fear the squirmy evil Petromyzontidae family.

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