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13/13/13 Movie Review – Non-Zombie Zombies Anyone?

The second movie we have reviewed by James Cullen Bressack and a very different horror movie than To Jennifer.91M-3J-ohoL._SL1500_

13/13/13 is an end of the world tale. Basically a zombie movie without ‘true’ zombies. It is high of the gore scale, well paced, and with a dash of dark humor.

Mostly centered around one man’s desire to protect his family, it is a pair of friends (Jody Barton and Nihilist Gelo) who nearly steal the show with a splash of ‘Shaun of the Dead’ style humor.

So what does 13/13/13 mean? According to the film’s back story, leap year was meant to eventually place a whole new month on the calendar. So the entirety of the film takes place on this day – the 13th day of the 13th month of 2013.

The movie is a high energy romp.  Trae Ireland is believable as the strong alpha hero who as a viewer you root for. Erin Coker is lovely as the ‘final girl’ – as it is put in horror lingo – who has to prove her strength.

It also showcases the growth of James Cullen Bressack, both as a director and his production companies ability to acquire a higher budget than previous endeavors.

To learn more about the movie and where you can get your hands on DVD read the press release here.

Fun movie tidbits: James Cullen Bressack has a quick cameo.  Ireland’s character’s ex-wife is none other than Calico Cooper – Alice Cooper’s daughter.  (She does a great job by the way.)  There are a couple other regulars of Bressack’s movies in 13/13/13, see if you can spot them!

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