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slauGhterbox Seeks Funding

Sometimes a short film is just a short film – sometimes it is a taste of what a feature length project can accomplish.Sb Poster Concept

The crew of slauGhterbox needs your help to raise funds to complete a short film that will serve as an extended trailer.  It is much easier to shop a movie around to potential backers and studios when you have a few minutes of completed footage to show them.  It proves your abilities, that you are serious, and that you have a vision.

slauGhterbox is running an indie go go campaign to make their dream a reality.  Contributions start as low as $9 and includes everything from promo DVDs, signed goodies, to blood covered demon shackles.  Yep, you read that last one right.

slauGhterbox is a retelling of the story of Adam, Lilith, and Lucifer:

SlaughterBox is the story of Adam, the first man, and his descendants’ ongoing struggle against the demon Lilith (played by Maria Olsen who we previously featured as a Horror Queen), best known for her roles in Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Vile, and Paranormal Activity 3.  After four-thousand years of his ancestor’s failed attempts to destroy Lilith, the lineage of modern-day Adam (played by writer/director Hugh Phoenix Cross) finally catches up to him when his wife and daughter are taken by the ancient demon that is now coming after him.

Adam must choose between fleeing or turning to face his fear, knowing he may not survive the battle. As he implements his monstrous plan to end the millennia of torment that his ancestors endured before him, he finds out there is more to him and his stone faced, ex-military “Subject Six” than he ever have imagined. At the sacrifice of many lives and spilled blood, Adam must transform himself entirely if he is to have any chance of regaining what was taken from him – nothing will stop him from becoming the Creator of the ever-evolving SlaughterBox.

With a killer team, story, and with a portion of the proceeds going to charity – this is a worth wild campaign.

Follow this link to learn more.


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