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Sticky Tea

For the last three years Sticky Tea has dominated the Panama City Beach music scene. We’ve written about them before on 850ME – but more than that, it has been something special to get to know the guys.

We sat down with Tim and Sus between sets at a one of their duo gigs. We learned what the future might hold for the band, and perhaps laughed more than we have in any interview to date.

Although there is no argument that they are talented individuals, they are also just damn fun to hang around.

“Tim and I played together as a duo for a couple years or so,” Sus explains about the origin of Sticky Tea. “We had a couple months a part. Then, it started out with me and Larry, the bass player, he lived downstairs from me and was coming up and jamming a little bit. He introduced me to Mitch, our drummer. We got the three piece going. I had us out doing a couple shows, and the second show Tim showed up – and that was it. Tim was hired.”

You may know Sticky as one of the top cover bands in the area, but they have original songs brewing.

“I honestly think once it gets down to it – it could end up being a full release,” says Sus on just what we can expect.

They have been hashing out songs at Sus’s space, which has been nick-named ‘The Snake Farm’. (The Snake Farm is a song that Sticky Tea is known for covering.)

Tim explains that, “Sus and I both write and have written over the years. It has just been a slow moving process going towards that – that is where we want to be.”

“A lot of this stuff are things that I wrote years ago or things that he wrote years ago,” Sus reveals about the writing process. “And then a culmination of some new things along the way.”

“Right now, both of us have things that we have had for a few years that we are bringing in. The concept may come from the two of us,” says Sus, “but because of how talented the band is it is a collaborative effort.”

Or as Tim puts it, “It is like a good stew: All the ingredients count.”

What will the Sticky Tea originals sound like? “I would call is blues based rock,” says Sus. “A lot of what we are already doing falls in line with it. When this band started, it really started with ‘What is it that you really wanted to do in another band, but never really got to do?’ In that sense, all the originals are going to fall in line with what we are already doing.”

Tim explains a little further in saying that the originals are “a little more to the more technical side of blues rock like Widespread Panic or Government Mule. That is where we are aiming anyway – there are a whole lot of influences there.”

We are excited to get our grubby little hands on a copy, which the guys said should be out in a few months time.

Sticky Tea’s facebook page.
Sticky Tea on Reverbnation.

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