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Otherwise – Fighting for Rock ‘n’ Roll (Band Interview)

“We are happy to do this the way that the rock ‘n’ roll gods meant for it to happen for us.”

Otherwise vocalist Adrian Patrick talked to us about the importance of honest writing, non-stop touring, and trying to reignite a nation’s passion for rock music.

Generally, everything has been done before. Every record has been broken and re-broken so many times that achievement is overshadowed by everyone who came before.

When a band becomes the first ever to achieve something, it is more than a personal accomplishment. It is a statement to the music industry at-large that there are other ways to meet goals and gain a fanbase. They become symbolic of the changing music business landscape.

Otherwise was the first band to reach number one on Sirius Octane without a record deal. It was that radio play on satellite radio that helped them get their deal with Century Media Records.otherwise

“We feel like it is an organic growth. We aren’t being shoved down anyone’s throats. Century Media is great and they have been very supportive of us as artists. They don’t try to stifle or mold us into something that we are not. Their goal is to help us blossom into what we can be and they have done a great job of it. We feel very home on the label.”

Otherwise is a new name on the national landscape, but that doesn’t mean they are new to the world of music.

“It seems like it kind of just happened for us on a national level, but it was ten years in the making. My brother and I played together for a long time, and it has taken us a long time to find the right guys and find the right songs to help get our message out there.”

“For us to finally get a chance to play in the big league now, we are very excited. We are hoping that we can bring rock ‘n’ roll back into the mainstream, back into pop culture. It has kind of gone underground a little bit.”

“I really think that this tour with Papa Roach and Escape the Fate, that the name of it is very fitting, ‘The Connection Tour’. It is great to reconnect the country with rock ‘n’ roll with a tour like this.”

The tour will make a stop at Club La Vela in Panama City Beach on Wednesday April 17th.Connection Tour

This is Otherwise’s second time to hit the road with Papa Roach, having just completed a run with them and Stone Sour.

“The beautiful thing about that tour was all the bands were very cool, the crews were very cool, and the fans were very welcoming and gracious. The Papa Roach and Stone Sour fans were just so hungry for rock ‘n’ roll, and so receptive of us that is was amazing. We are excited to go back out with Papa Roach on this tour.”

“We’ve been on the road, pretty much since January of 2012. We don’t know when we are going to be home – it is kind of a weird sensation not to know when you are going to be home.”

“We are a little too honest sometimes, but we don’t want to be anything but honest.”

Their album True Love Never Dies delivers on that front. Not shying away from an emotional honesty that is sometimes overlooked in the importance of songwriting.

“We write from the heart. We write from the experience side. At least as far as the lyrics go, I’m not a very good storyteller as far as making up something that is fictitious – something that I haven’t been through. I am an experiential writer, so every emotion, every life experience, all the happiness and the heartache is all stuff that I’ve been through.”

“The whole point of rock ‘n’ roll is to be unbridled, that reckless abandon approach to life. And that is what we try to accomplish on the album. Especially being from Vegas, it is the city of complete extremes. All this bright glamorous neon and there is also a very dark underbelly. I’ve experienced the entire gamut of it. I think we did a pretty good job of capturing the emotional spectrum. We aren’t always happy, we aren’t always sad, we aren’t always angry – we try to put the entire human condition on the album.”

Talking about their stop at Club La Vela in Panama City Beach on Wednesday April 17th, Patrick shares that it will be his first time to our beaches. “I used to watch Spring Break and MTV when MTV was actually still cool. Those were the good ol’ days and I’m excited. I can’t wait to see Pauly Shore’s old stomping grounds.”

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