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Behind the Cross (Movie Review)

behind the crossWhat’s the rule about judging a book by its cover again?

We received the first 15 minutes of Behind the Cross.  For some movies 15 minutes might be enough to have a firm grasp on one’s opinion – that really isn’t the case for Behind the Cross.  I can say that I am curious about how the story develops, and whether the characters will receive full personalities and back stories.

This is a Finnish, English language movie that falls somewhere within the horror genre.  Director Tomi Kerminen is upfront about his love of avant-garde, art-house, and Italian horror; all influences that are apparent in Behind the Cross.

So to those 15 minutes…  We are introduced to a non-linear story about a priest who is less than priestly:  He has an affinity for keeping girls chained in a dark space,  a ‘special’ relationship with his crucifix, and doesn’t follow the Model Code of Pastoral Conduct.

The opening credits are filled with choppy edits, akin to the nonsensical ramblings of an unbalanced mind.  Industrial metal provides the backdrop, a good choice as it will be further jarring to those not familiar with the music genre.

It’s shot well.  It doesn’t look like it was shot on someone’s borrowed VHS camcorder, a look that is all too prevalent in indie horror.  The edits and angles are unusual a times, but that is a goal of this style of film making.  The director hopes to pull you in and keep you unbalanced.  It is about viewing something outside the safe confines of standard film rules.

What I saw of Behind the Cross leaves me hopeful that it could achieve its goals as a newcomer in experimental horror.  It definitely speaks well of Kerminen that this is his first full length feature and that he is brave enough to go for taboo topics instead of something safe.

Learn more about the film at www.macabremedia.com.

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