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Gemini Syndrome (Band Interview)

Tonight we were supposed to be headbanging through three bands at Club LA in Destin, among them Gemini Syndrome.  A vocal injury from Device’s David Draiman postponed the show.  Although concerts always make for a fun night over staying at home and watching that Netflix DVD that has been sitting there taunting us for a month – vocal injuries should be taken very seriously and we wish Drainman a speedy recovery.

We are hopeful that it works out that the same show line-up is able to make a triumphant return in a few weeks time.  I say this mostly because I was looking forward to checking out Gemini Syndrome.  They have been gaining fans along the west coast, and every show review I’ve seen has been glowing.  So, here’s hoping that they we will make their Destin debut in the near future. gemini syndrome

With that in mind, here is an email interview conducted earlier this week.  Gemini Syndrome’s debut full-length album will be released later this summer.

Who is answering questions?
I’m Brian Steele Medina & I drum for Gemini Syndrome

Y’all just shot a video for ‘Basement,’ when do you hope that it will be out? And can you share anything about it?
Yeah, we hope to have it out in May. The basic idea of the video, is that we all have individual trials and tribulations that we go through. In the end we conquer these battles, and we are left with the scars. And though we all have our own unique scars, if we look around, we’ll find that someone else out there went through the same thing. We realize we are not alone.

It looks like symbols are going to play a big role in how you present yourself as a band. Were the symbols chosen with specific meanings in mind?
Absolutely. All symbols tell a story. If you are in another country, and don’t speak the language, you could communicate by simply drawing a picture. The band has a symbol, and each song also has its own symbol. Each songs symbol, not only describes the song, but when you put all the songs in order, and read the symbols, you find they tell a story and it always comes around full circle in the end.

There is a 6 track EP up on Spotify that gives a great insight into the depth of the band’s sound. Do you feel like, musically, there has been much of a transition between that style and what will be on the new release?
Our new album was an organic evolution from the first EP. We were so fortunate to work with Kevin Churko, who produced and mixed it. Sonically and musically, its strong and dynamic. It’s definitely a great representation of what Gemini Syndrome is all about. Look for it this summer.

How did the idea of fans being called Synners come about?
Syn, means something quite different than the word “sin.” Syn means to bring together, or simultaneous. We’re all synners in that we have the desire to fix and complete ourselves, and connect with other people.

For someone that isn’t familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound?
Melodic, heavy… A new alternative.

Official website for Gemini Syndrome.

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