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Escape the Fate (Band Interview)

If you ever have the chance to catch Escape the Fate tear up a stage, jump on it.

We were lucky enough to catch them as part of The Connection tour with Papa Roach and Otherwise last week, and their energy and stage presence is undeniable.  To stand back and watch a band so completely enthrall a crowd of hungry fans is just pure magic.

I had the chance to send a few questions to the band, and we are happy to be able to pass along that interview.

Who is answering the questions?
Robert (Ortiz) – Drums

How much did it change the recording process once the band decided to produce the newest record on your own?
It changed in some ways and some it stayed the same.  It was still similar in the sense that you record rock records a certain way: Do takes till you get it right and that that sort of thing. But what changed a lot was having so much freedom to do what we wanted. It was completely our vision. No one would say this is too much or I don’t like that. It was all on us. If I wanted more double kick, guess what, more double kick.

Escape the Fate has never shied from dark topics, how does the songwriting process come together for the band?
Often times Craig just gets into his world and gets shit out. Monte has come up with some stuff. On this record we worked with Brandon Staller (Hell or High Water) and he helped us not only capture the vocal performance but helped in the writing. He wasn’t a producer who doesn’t get what we are going for, he comes from the same world as us. So the chemistry was great and natural. There’s no formula to what we do. It all just sort of comes from some other realm and we capture it.

What can fans expect of the new album?
A far more mature sounding Escape the Fate. Although our sound has always been diverse, this time it’s all cohesive. It sounds like one band. It’s much harder and grittier. Lot less ear candy and a lot more attitude.

What does the rest of 2013 hold for Escape the Fate?
Promoting the hell out of this killer record.

Official website: www.escapethefate.com

P.S. The band is dropping a new album on May 14th!

Escape the Fate

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