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Chimaira Vocalist’s Message to Critics

On April 25th Chimaira will be hitting the stage at The Moon in Tallahassee.  Monsters of the metal genre (Asking Alexandria, Whitechapel, Motionless in White, Chimaira, and I Killed a Prom Queen) are heading out for a month long run dubbed “The Don’t Pray for Us” Tour.

Of all the bands on the bill, Chimaira has been around the longest.  They formed in 1998, have released six albums, and have shared the stage with damn near everyone.  They also have a turbulent history that includes significant line-up changes, leaving vocalist Mark Hunter the only active founding member of the group.

The following is an email interview with Hunter in support of the tour.

2011 brought some big line-up changes to the band, do you feel it has altered the band’s overall sound?
Drastically in a positive way, but I still feel the essence Chimaira. The changes brought new energy, life, and overall positivity the group desperately needed.

What is the window for release for the newest album?
This summer!

As a whole, the band’s sound has evolved over the years, becoming harder to peg within a single sub-genre of music. How do you like to describe your sound?
Full Blown Ass Ripping Metal

We’re based in the Panhandle of Florida (the Pensacola to Tallahassee region) any touring memories from past shows?
I don’t recall ever performing there, but I also don’t recall what I did last night. I do know that I love touring in Florida and would live there. I love that it rains there almost every day.

Would you like to say anything to the dissenters who haven’t been supportive of the new line-up?
It’s an argument from ignorance. They haven’t heard anything, so they look like and sound like fools talking about it.

Facebook link for the Tallahassee concert.
Official Chimaira website.


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