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Forget the First (Band Interview)

When it comes to being in a band there isn’t a magic formula to uncover to become successful.  It is even further interesting how each person defines success, what they feel they have to accomplish to consider themselves a successful musician.

While a formula doesn’t exist, there are some ingredients to reaching those goals that nearly always apply.  One of them is drive.

Forget the First is a Ft Walton area band that has that drive.   With most of the members not even out of highschool yet, they are serious about their musical endeavors with some very big dreams.

Who is answering the questions and your role in the band?
I am Brady Lynch of Forget the First. I play bass, and do vocals; lead on some, backups on most. I do a lot of our marketing as well.

How did the band first come together?
The band first came together almost 4 years ago, I was in 8th grade. Our current drummer Will knew I was interested in starting a band, and invited me over to his house to jam. At the time, we had a girl guitarist/singer named Taylor in the band too that also went to school with us that I wanted to be in the band. Then our ex-guitarist Christian asked Will if we needed another guitarist, so he hopped on. Taylor eventually left and then Christian, Will, and I spent about the next two and a half years playing small shows writing originals, but we weren’t really that good those first two years. I met our current singer Travis through facebook and when he joined the band, things got a little more serious and just clicked. Travis really encouraged me to work on my singing as well, which helped the band more. Recently, Christian left the band, and I met our new guitarist over craigslist, his name is Lee.  The dude is cool.

What is the best way to describe your sound?
The best way to describe our sound is like blink-182 meets Yellowcard meets Avenged Sevenfold. I think we have a unique sound of pop rock, alternative music. We have some songs that sound sorta like Yellowcard but other songs are a bit heavier. Our current single isn’t like most of our other songs. It is kind of monotonous compared to our other songs, with some screams, but most of our songs are really high energy, catchy. dynamic, and overall just fun songs.

What is your best show memory show far?
My best show memory by far is probably seeing everybody just being really into our songs at some of our most recent shows. They are dancing, singing along and stuff. I know they are shows in front of like 50+ people but it makes me feel like I am in a signed band touring the world playing in front of 50,000 and it is awesome.

Do you have plans on recording and releasing material?
Yeah actually we are going to record our debut EP around summertime. We have to tighten up some of our older songs and write new ones but look for a Forget the First EP around the summer. The current songs we have written we have been playing for awhile but we’d like to add some more of our new lead guitarist’s influence while adding some auxiliary parts.

What do you hope the future holds for the band?
Obviously, sometime in the future I would hope for our band to received a proper record deal from a good label and we sign a contract that won’t screw us out of our rights and creativity and just go from there. I have dreams and aspirations of playing music that we wrote that people will love and cherish around the world in big sold out arenas, and for Forget the First to be really well known. I want people popping our albums into their cars and driving down the road with our songs blasting and them singing along to it.

But first, I need to work on the stuff we can do right now. I’m hoping for us to write more songs, keep progressing, and get to the point where we are playing 3-4 shows every month. Another goal is to make sure the debut EP is solid and something people will really enjoy and be impressed by, which I think people will love. I want to make enough money where we can go on a small regional tour to get the name out there to other states, and to be really well-known around the local scene and region. I want to make these dreams and aspirations into my reality. Overall, I want the band to never stop doing what we love, and always striving for bigger better things. I want us to grow, in talent, in popularity, in everything we do. These are obviously maybe some far fetched goals right now but I plan on achieving them because I want it that bad and I believe in myself and my band. If you believe, you are halfway there.

Forget the First’s Facebook
Forget the First’s reverbnation page.


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