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Show Review: Ministry at Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola

Just like no one expects a country musician to get on stage without a guitar or a pop star to headline a stadium tour without costume changes and dance numbers – Ministy’s Pensacola stop was not without a bit of controversy. Not because anything was said or done outside of what is normal for Ministry, but because a smattering of attendees were unaware of what Ministry unabashedly are.

The band has always been political and unafraid to express their views and criticisms of current issues. With a nihilistic point of view, the industrial juggernaut delivered both through their music and a handful of statements to the sold-out crowd at Vinyl Music Hall on November 1, 2019.

Arguably, music and art are political. They are an expression of self and an opening for discourse. As we become more filtered and hesitant – bands like Ministry are a reminder of the being ourselves. Perhaps it’s even part of the oy of Ministry, even down to Al Jourgensen’s appearance as a reminder to not run for who we are and what we believe.

Past all that, Ministry came to Pensacola to put on a legendary show. A show filled with music – both new and loved hits, and a manic energy that can only come from a crowd hanging on every note.

Ministry’s music has aged well, just as Al and crew’s live show hasn’t lost a step. The new songs flow seamlessly beside the monster hits.

And Dee Dee Kohl did a fantastic job capturing it all.

See more of Dee Dee’s Ministry photos here.

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