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Photographer Profiles: Kristy Cooley of Charming Pixels

Kristy CooleyWhat first attracted you to photography? I honestly couldn’t tell you what first struck me. I remember buying the disposable cameras as a kid and dolling up my baby sister and doing my own glamor shots. I guess I just liked making other girls feel pretty. And then when I grew up, I discovered Boudoir Photography. So now, I get to doll ladies up and give them their confidence back with my art.

What is a moment you are most proud of in regards to photography? I’ve inspired hundreds of women to love the skin they’re in and to celebrate it. I cannot tell you how good it feels to hear other women thank me for showing her what she couldn’t see by herself.

Favorite style or subject to shoot? Moody boudoir.

Favorite piece of equipment? My Sony a6000 with the 1.8/35mm lens. It’s such a great portrait lens.

What is your dream photography gig? I would kill to be a full time traveling boudoir photographer. Want to take photos in a field of purple flowers in Italy? Girl, let’s go!

Any advice for others who are interested in photography? Do your homework. Practice. Always look for ways to improve your art. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Sometimes the best stuff comes from happy accidents.

The best piece of advice you received starting out? Know your worth. Not every client is your ideal client and you don’t have to work with everyone that wants to book you.

What services do you offer? Weddings, Engagements, Family, Headshots, Senior Portraits, Cake Smash (1 year), Home lifestyle sessions, and of course Boudoir.

How can someone contact you? 


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