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Trapt – Show Review

Formed in 1995, but becoming a radio fixture in 2005 – Trapt took a highschool dream into a constant touring, recording, rock’n’roll animal.Trapt

So what did photographer John Lee think of the recent Trapt show at Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola?

He wrote that there was ‘excitement and anticipation’ in the air as everyone waited in line for the venue doors to open.  The thumps and riffs that make up sound check ’emanated from the building and had everyone stirring.’

Once Trapt took the stage, ‘the audience really looked like they were in total sync with the band.’

“Trapt put on a great show for Pensacola,” shares John, “and I feel they would be welcome anytime to play here again.”

The band now works independently – without traditional record label backing.  Check out one of their newest songs, which will be part of their next album, below.  Click here to see all of John’s photos of Trapt.

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