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Photographer Profile: John Lee

We are very happy that we at 850ME have a growing team of dedicated individuals who share the same goals as we started this concept with BP62011. John Lee is a wonderful addition to our roster of photographers – and we greatly appreciate all the work he has already put out there through the 850ME Facebook page.

What first attracted you to photography? In my teenage years, I grew a fascination to film photography because it connected me to moments of time that I could share. My first camera was a Canon T50, that my mother gave to me. I still have that camera today in my collection of around 500 vintage cameras that range from 1800s wet plate through models from the 1980s. I still use many of them.

When was the first time you felt like a professional photographer? I really do not like to use the word ‘ Professional’.  I am always learning – a close friend of mine expressed that one should always be green – gaining knowledge BP11at all times. I would call myself more of an avid photographer who is always learning.

Favorite style or subject to shoot? I do favor capturing landscapes. Ansel Adams would be the style I would most likely want to follow. As far as one subject, I cannot define that as I tend to shoot the moment. I favor all subjects within a lens’ reach, even if I have to push the ISO to reach for it .

Favorite piece of equipment? This is another hard one. I really like Canon equipment when using film. I will use my F1 and F1n most of the time. As for the digital world, I prefer my Nikon D750. When it comes to lenses, I get the best glass they can, but I like my Tamron 28-105mm SP LD f2.8 as my walk around lens.

What is your dream photography gig? Would probably be to run my camera around Japan, but I have these ideas of sitting out front of a small restaurant in Rhodes Greece at dusk waiting for the sun to kiss the water.

Any advice for others who are interested in photography? Pick up a camera – any camera – and just BP4let the creativity flow. Do not force it.

Best piece of advice you got starting out? Express your creativity to the world through your eye. The art of photography cannot be definitive. It should move and stir the viewers soul.

What services do you offer? I welcome offers to do photoshoots. I am not set on one particular photo service.


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