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Darden Smith Tonight at The Seaside Rep

If you are familiar with the Seaside Repertory Theatre – you likely mostly associate it with plays.  And yes, plays from children’s programs to adults-only fare is a big part of what they offer – but it isn’t the only part.

This time of year music from singer/songwriters often takes over the stage for intimate performances.  Tonight (Thursday, November 12th) Darden Smith is sharing the his voice and perspective on the world with us.

I’ve taken the following two pieces directly from his official bio on his website – because they give a beautiful sense of Smith and his drive to make an impact that goes far beyond crafting a memorable melody.

“I’ve been writing songs for 40 years and making a living at it since I was 23. There was a time when I was very into music as a way to achieve something. And now I look at music as a way to live. It’s not like I write songs in order to get anywhere. It’s what I do. I view the world through writing songs. I look at music as this blessing I have, not like a choice. It’s a necessity. Writing the song is all that matters, and I love writing songs, more than ever.”

Over the past decade Smith has used the craft of songwriting and the art of collaboration to break new ground in creativity, trauma recovery, education, and entrepreneurship. Alongside his continuing work with The Be An Artist Program, Smith is enjoying his third year as Artist-In-Residence at Oklahoma State University’s Institute For Creativity and Innovation. SongwritingWith:Soldiers, a program launched by Smith in 2012, organizes weekend retreats that pair professional songwriters with soldiers who share painful stories about combat and their return home. Working collaboratively, the musicians and soldiers turn those stories into songs. At Covenant House in Newark, New Jersey, Smith brings these same techniques to work with homeless youth.

Tickets are still on sale at the Rep’s official website and can be bought at the door before the performance.  Event time is 7:30om.

Learn more about Darden Smith at his website: http://www.dardensmith.com and watch the video from his TEDx Austin performance below to get a sense of what being the room with the lovely gentlemen is like.

Rep 1

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