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Movie Review: One Night of Fear

The world is mighty small.

We recently went to Panama City’s CreativeCon to celebrate our creative community and all forms – and of course see all the amazing cos-players.  It’s always a fun event because it is full of friends that we don’t get to see often enough. But, back to the world being small.

One of the CreativeCon events was a screening of a full-length movie. We didn’t even know the name of the movie until we settled down to watch it and the credits role.  And there was none other than Jessica Sonneborn’s name staring at us.One+Night+of+Fear+2015

We’ve featured Jessica as one of our Horror Queens and would have never expected to catch one of the very first screenings of one of her movies in our part of the world.

‘One Night of Fear’ is a fun horror rump about a deranged killer in the woods. It’s the old-school style of killer – one who is able to out-smart and out-walk them at every turn.

It starts with a group of friends deciding a camping trip to a Florida state park is just the thing to decompress.  But this is a horror movie so ‘Florida man’ (that’s what I’m dubbing the killer, who simply is the ‘killer’ in the movie’s credits) has other plans for the group.

It’s everything a horror fan wants from an indie slasher movie – a few laughs, fun kills, characters you love-to-hate, and a big scary dude lurking around the corner.

Jessica Sonneborn is Katie who learns what it means to fight for your life in the most dire circumstances. She has to unleash her inner warrior and Sonneborn does well playing a strong woman – I really wouldn’t suggest anyone piss her off.  Jimmy Dempster is her significant other Rob.  He does well as the protector who is trying to come up with ways to survive.  He’s a solution’s oriented guy, willing to put his neck on the line for others.  Suzi Lorraine is Jaclyn and gets a gold star for just how much you utterly hate her character through most of the movie.  And Russ Forga is the bumbling park ranger Elmer – who supplies both comedic relief and someone to unleash your inner urge to yell at the screen to.

Check out ‘One Night of Fear’ on the web to keep an eye out for future screenings as this fun bloodbath makes it way on the horror circuit.

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