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Horror Queen Jessica Sonneborn

You have to love a gal that wears a lot of hats.  Jessica has acting, producing, writing, and soon to be directing credits under her name.  She will be wearing all those hats in the upcoming horror feature Alice D. – and that alone is worthy of the crown of Horror Queen.

What is your favorite part about movie making?1278993  
When I’m acting, I love letting go with a role and allowing myself to become a totally different person on screen. I love changing my look to help with this. When producing or directing, my favorite part is seeing amazing performances bring a script to life.

What advice do you have for up and coming Horror Queens?
Do a short horror film and see if you love being really really hot or really really cold for hours and hours, bloodied up and dirty. If you still love it after that… you’re in the right place.

AND: Always, always be kind to everyone on set… from the lowest positions to the highest. We are all there with a dream.

What was the best advice that you have been given and who gave it to you?1841902_orig
It’s funny because you get all sorts of advice depending on what point in your career you are at. I’ve met so many interesting and amazing people along my journey in this crazy world of movie making… and I think the piece of advice that stands out the most came from more than one person is: Perseverance is key… we have good and bad moments in our careers… when you fall off the horse, get back up!

What role are you the most proud of?
It’s hard to choose one, but I would have to say my role as Amy in: The House Across The Street, which is weeks away from completion. I played a really intense character in this thriller, directed and written by Arthur Luhn (who is deaf) and produced by Bill McAdams.

I got to act with awesome actors: Eric Roberts, Ethan Embry, Courtney Gains, Josh Hammond and Alex Rocco (of the Godfather).

Not only was I a lead; Arthur and I had an obvious communication barrier. Sometimes w2325395_orige had interpreters on set, but sometimes we didn’t. It was truly an amazing experience and I’m so proud of this movie!

Do you have an actor who you are dying to work with?
I’m dying to work with a lot of people, but for some reason Brad Pitt just keeps popping into my head.

Any new projects we should be on the lookout for?
I just directed my first feature film staring Kane Hodder, Al Snow and Juan Riedinger: Alice D., produced by Kristina Page, Chris Maltauro and Josh Hammond. We are in the final stages of our edit and it’s looking amazing!5793873_orig

The House Across the Street, Never Open The Door, American Girls and Red Sleep are also in post production. Rabid Love is going out with the B Movie Tour.

Projects that are available now include: Bloody Bloody Bible Camp, The Witches of Oz, Love Squared and my produced projects: Money Shot and A Lure are already out on Netflix and Amazon.

What scares you?
Spiders, whales, and broken bones.

Learn more about Jessica at her official website: http://www.jessicasonneborn.com.

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