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Deaf Eyes – Killer Post-Metal

From my limited exposure, post-metal falls into two categories: completely clean sounding with an emphasis on production or more cinematic and aggressive.

Deaf Eyes is both. They are polished and aggressive – cinematic and still sound like a band. Fans of Pelican and Opeth should give this Italian band a listen.

DEAF EYES, started as a side project of experimental psych prog metal group Incoming Cerebral Overdrive, was born in 2013 to explore obscure experimental sounds and atmospheres, a monolithic approach to hard and heavy riffs with a “delayed research” of alternative vibes mixed in a psychedelic mood. Think to a blend of PELICAN, RUSSIAN CIRCLES, BREACH and a heavy version of GOBLIN. The self-titled debut album has been recorded at Ampire Studio (Pistoia – Italy) by Stefano Tocci and Deaf Eyes, mastered at Studio 73 (Ravenna – Italy) by Riccardo “Paso” Pasini. Via http://www.argonautarecords.comhttp://www.facebook.com/argonautarecords

* Side project of Experimental Psych Prog Metal band INCOMING CEREBRAL OVERDRIVE.
* Obscure and monolithic Instrumental Post Metal made on heavy riffs and psychedelic moods.

Get a taste of the band thanks to sound cloud.

deaf eyes


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