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Panhandle Paranormal Investigators

Ain’t afraid of no…. boo!

Ghost Hunter shows might have thoroughly taken over a slice of reality TV and be the fodder of too many horror movies to count – but did you know we have a local team of legit paranormal investigators?

Panhandle Paranormal Investigators are part of the TAPS family. That means they are checked out, cleared, and have the stamp of approval from one of the most trusted organizations in the field.

No matter what your personal beliefs on the paranormal are, you can’t deny that the PPI family is a great bunch of people that do a solid service for those who need it.  Whether that means pointing out a real world cause for what is going bump in the night or telling you that something otherworldly is going on – the team are straight shooters.

We’ve had a blast getting to know them a little, and hope to share more excursions with them in the future. We caught up with them at the opening night of Annabelle, and hope that you enjoy getting to know them as much as we have.

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