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Camp Massacre (previously known as Fat Chance) Movie Review

The dubious duo Daniel Emery Taylor and Jim O’Rear are at it again with a new movie.  We last reviewed Hospital, which is an over-the-top horror exploitation movie – does Camp Massacre follow in its foot steps? Well, not entirely.Camp Massacre

It still displays the twisted minds of the pair – but this time they are paying homage to the summer camps slashers that ruled the 80s.  The twist that makes it is that instead of a camp full of kids – it is a camp full of overweight guys who have been chosen to be part of a new weight-loss reality TV show.

Complete with tons of guts – both the flabby kind and the kind that are supposed to be on the inside – the movie makes fun of everything.  It is a black comedy with a serial killer lurking around the corner.

One of the biggest talents of movie is finding character actors who fully commit to playing these oddball personalities.  The biggest gripe I have with indie horror as a whole, is that the side characters rarely have any personality. They are just there to flush out the body count number or be the pretty chick with big boobs.

That isn’t the case with Camp Massacre.  The side characters are these odd, memorable commodities.

So congratulations to Deviant films for a well made, fun excursion of a horror movie. If you are horror fan be sure to give Camp Massacre a stay.

One comment on “Camp Massacre (previously known as Fat Chance) Movie Review

  1. Boozler
    November 29, 2014

    Six pack abs, chicken buckets, fat men falling down, a half dozen naked women, and drug induced humor. It’s a classic.

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