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The Hospital – Do You Dare Check In?

How far is too far?

The Hospital gets the award for the most deviant film I’ve seen in a long time, a consideration that this movie would likely wear as a badge of honor.  It is currently even being pulled from shelves in the UK.

If movies like the original ‘Last House on the Left’ left you uneasy then The Hospital might cause you to seek out therapy.1378628_682368875107384_2120403602_n

To say that there is a strong sexual sadistic component is like saying the sky is blue. It just is and is prevalent.  There is a plot, evildoers, double crosses, and the hapless victims –  the film is about more than a solely graphic nature.  However the exploitation qualities are so intense and unapologetic that it overshadows much else of the movie.

It nearly creeps up on you in the movie.  You’re disarmed with some funny moments and Scott Tepperman making fun of himself by playing an over-the-top version of a ghost hunter.  And then, you are submerged into a dark world of pain, abuse, and sadistic pleasure.

Jason Crowe, Daniel Emery Taylor, and Jim O’Rear each play insane quite well.  And John Dugan needs to be casts as an underachieving cop more often.


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