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Paracon 2014 – We CONquered

What a bunch of lovely weirdos.
Part of the fun of a convention is that it is a platform to express a part of ourselves that we can’t show on a day to day level. We can embrace our fandom, but even more than that – conventions let us revel in our fandoms.10491312_885034001521547_2317848334403077940_o

2014’s Paracon grew this year from the previous.  The celebrity speaker area was in a separate building from the convention center, the food vendors were outside this time, and there were way more vendors on the main floor. With growth, comes some growing pains. The most obvious was that the convention center’s AC wasn’t able to handle the amount of bodies in the space in warm muggy August.

The event offered an opportunity to shake hands with Fred Williamson, hear Lou Ferrigno talk about overcoming personal obstacles, or listen to a very personable C. Thomas Howell be absolutely honest about the trials and successes of acting.

We enjoyed Paracon, and are already looking forward to 2015.  View their website for more details.

To see more photos of the event, click here.

And check out this super fun wrap up video from Jim O’Rear, Scott Tepperman, with Horror Queen Melanie Robel below.  It is seriously terrific.  But first, see our video with interviews with our horror-minded friends.

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