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Creepy Crawly

Creepy Crawly will make your skin crawl.IMG_4017

Short movies can serve many purposes – including that of a visual resume.  Every financier or producer would prefer to have a taste of what a crew is capable of, and a short offers that up.

Creepy Crawly is a short movie – clocking in at only six minutes – that is out to prove that it has legs as a feature length film. Made by a small crew over the course of one very long day, it’s a fun creature feature.

The actual Creepy Crawly is somewhere between a parasite and a spider.  And with the help of some quality CGI, the little dude packs a big punch and will have those who suffer from arachnophobia screaming for the hills.

Supporting a short like this one, supports to possibility of a future feature – and that is something that I’d love to see come to life.

The DVD version also includes a ton of features and interviews that are great motivators for an inspiring filmmaker.

Update:  You can now view the short for yourself on YouTube!


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