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Night of the Krampus – Movie Review

A medium length movie from the Mobile based Fighting Owl filmsNight of the Krampus is a fun take on a holiday tale with a horror twist.

It clocks in at just a bit under 30 minutes – a decision that I wish more would follow suit with – as it serves the story well.

Basically Krampus is an evil version of Santa with his own mythological back story. But the thing that makes this film interesting is a pair of investigators that have a bit of a ‘Supernatural’ vibe. (If you aren’t familiar with that TV show, just know the pair are fun and work well together.)

Even after the film closes, I’m left curious about the pair – curious about where they came from and just what they are involved in.

The entire film is on YouTube (below) with a few ads placed in between. You can also order it – see the full list of retailers via the official website.

If you are looking for a darker take on a traditional holiday tale – add this to your holiday must-see list!

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