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The Passing of Time – an Ode to Crowbar

Some things are just hard to put into words.  They are experiences bigger than a moment – moments that mark a change in your life.  For us, many of those moments revolve around music.

Before 850ME, before 850 Music, before we found our voice and passion for making as much noise as possible about the music scene – we led pretty normal lives.  Well, normal is kind of relative – but for the sake of this story, more normal than we are now.

Once upon a time, at the last minute we decided to go to a metal show in Panama City Beach.  One of our first.  We didn’t know anything about the bands – but liked the little bits we heard online.

It was Parabellum, Dark Castle, and Crowbar.  That night changed everything.  It put on us on a new path.

We fell in love with each of the bands.  We fell in love with the music and found a passion for the music scene.  They lit one of the first sparks that became the heart of 850ME.

So, why does this all matter?  Over the last few years we have grown.  Our love for the metal genre has multiplied.  And this month we got to come full circle.

We stepped into a new-to-us venue to see Crowbar – this time with enthusiastic fandom unchecked and photo clearance in hand.

We were treated like family.  We were treated like valid media – welcomed with opened arms.  It was overwhelming.

We have been lucky to do a lot of amazing things – but seeing Crowbar on the stage again is at that top of that list.

We want to take a moment and express our endless gratitude to the Alabama Music Box, PM Star Promotions, Robin Windstein, and everyone who made that night at Mobile one for the record books.

You are the reason that we do this.  You are the reason we keep going.

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