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Pensacola Based Spillover Art

Unique, and maybe a little twisted too….. by Suzi G

IMG_7227Jason Shpiller is the owner and artist behind Spillover Art based out of Pensacola. Spillover was officially created in April 2012, but Jason has been creating what some may call ‘demented’ art for the last five years. I call it crazy fun! I am in awe with the death, zombie, alternative style he creates with these figurines. His shadow box art is eye catching (or possibly eye popping!) and his robot art should have robot lovers knocking on his door!

He describes his artwork as, “Very unique and twisted, but passionate. You either love it or hate it.” As for me, I had a bit of a ‘geek out’ moment when Jason sent photos for this article, the ‘Deathly Mashed Superheroes’ series combines so much of what I love in pop culture. The creativity he has, gives his artwork that something extra.

These are conversation pieces, not art that just hangs on a wall or sits on the shelf.

I asked Jason where he receives his creativity from, what influences him. He is a paramedic so creating art is, “kind of like my therapy”. The following artists and friends – Rafi Perez, Jeff Bond, Matt Selover, Sara Larson, and Kara Zaremba – are just a few of Jason’s influences.

Where did the name ‘Spillover Art’ come from? The name Spillover Art came from combining the two names Jason Shpiller and Matt Selover. “Matt was another artist partnered with me when we started but he does his own thing now. I decided to keep the name cause I think it suits me.”

Where can we find your work? Other than Facebook his art is located at Miles Antiques & Art Store in Pensacola FL.

Jason has been a featured artist for Miles back in July/August and attends every gallery night. He also attended Paracon this year and you have a chance to see his artwork up close and personal by attending Pensacon in February or the Jeff Bonds art party in March.

For those who may not be in the area, Jason will create a custom piece to suit your style! You can contact him directly by phone (954-588-9098) or shoot him an email (spilloverart@yahoo.com). Depending on the piece, the turn around time can range from one day to a couple weeks.

Jason has also been so kind to invite me to the shop to check out his work to find out more about him and the pieces he creates! I will have to take him up on that offer and will have a follow up story soon!

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