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Photographer Profile: Dave MacIntyre

Do you see that photo of Rob Zombie?  That is just one of the reasons that Dave MacIntyre is part of of our photographer series.  Moreover, he Sample2gets bonus points for his ‘don’t be a jerk’ advice.

Where are you based out of?
Toronto, Ontario Canada.

What first attracted you to photography?
I learned how to use a film SLR camera in my college Journalism class. I shot pictures entirely in black and white and soon learned I enjoyed the more artistic approach to photography than just capturing a shot for a newspaper story.

When was the first time you felt like a professional photographer?
When I was given a photo pass and ushered in front of the security barrier to shoot My Bloody Valentine. I was so focused on the awesomeness of where I was and the people around me that I didn’t start shooting until about 2 minutes into their first song.

Favorite style or subject to shoot?
Definitely concert photography and preferably all-day, multi-day festivals. You get to see so many great bands, meet great like-minded people and walk away with the ultimate souvenirs….front of the stage photos!

Favorite piece of equipment?Sample3
I would have to say my 70-200 mm f/2.8 lens. It’s extremely versatile, reliable and ultra durable. I use it for 95% of the concert photos I take.

What is your dream photography gig?
Funny enough, it has nothing to do with concerts. I would absolutely love to explore and photograph the Son Doong cave in Vietnam.

Any advice for others who are interested in photography?
Don’t be afraid of manual settings and shoot in RAW. It’s the only way to really learn what your camera and lenses can do. Automatic settings and JPGs are for point & shoot rigs.

Best piece of advice you got starting out?
Be polite, flexible and always follow the rules at a gig, even if they have changed once you arrive. If it’s a 3-song limit, shoot 3 songs and stop. Share the space and allow other photographers in the pit to get the vantage points and angles you are shooting at. You’ll earn a good reputation, make great contacts and be rewarded by promoters with more approvals for media access instead of being blacklisted for being a jerk.

What services do you offer?Sample1
I cover live events both as a shooter and a writer, promotional shots, and have fine art prints for sale.

How can someone contact you?
Via email at concretecottages@gmail.com

Concert Portfolio: http://500px.com/playitlouderyyz

Fine Art Portfolio: http://500px.com/davemacintyre

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/concretecottages/sets

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