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Photographer Profile: Robert Dennis

It was a diverse and fun outlook on life that makes Robert Dennis a great addition to our photographer series.  From finding beauty in little things to fun experiments in photo manipulations – Robert is a great reminder that inspiration is all around us.

Where are you based out of?
Washington, DC, born and raised. (We’re a rare breed.)

What first attracted you to photography?
I hadn’t thought about that before. I’ve always been a huge fan of photography. But probably my mother. She’s a very sentimental woman and takes pictures of everything, just to save the moment. I think the idea of capturing the moments rubbed off on me. And now, as I’ve developed skills as a Graphic Designer, I use photography as a channel for expression.

When was the first time you felt like a professional photographer?
I’ve yet to feel like a pro photographer. I still consider myself very much an amateur “fauxtographer”. I don’t advertise as much as I should. It’s my outlet and I have a lot of fun with it right now. I’m looking forward to finding a balance, eventually.

Favorite style or subject to shoot?
FOOD! I’m a huge foodie and have learned a lot about photography just from studying food photos. I also enjoy shooting concerts as well. Concerts are a special kind of torture and challenge.

Favorite piece of equipment?
I love my Nikon D7000 (will be upgrading to FX eventually), but definitely my cheap, 16 inch Softbox. It was 35 bucks, portable and makes a world of difference. I noticed Jeremy Cowart used just one small softbox for his “Voices of Haiti” project and the results were incredible. It inspired me to do the same.

What is your dream photography gig?
Either shooting for a food magazine or doing concert photography (not using a Canon G12 from the audience! )

Any advice for others who are interested in photography?
Try to challenge yourself, try new compositions, styles etc. Don’t be discouraged by lack of equipment (when there’s a will, there’s a way). If you see photos somewhere that you really like, find out who shot them, do research, follow your favorite photographers on all of your social networks. Surround yourself with inspiration.

Best piece of advice you got starting out?
A photog told me on MySpace (remember that?!) “Take your camera with you everywhere”.

What services do you offer?
I’m a Graphic Designer and Graphic Design student (graduating next spring) and can do freelance photography and design work.

How can someone contact you?




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