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Radio Profile: Broken Neck Radio

A profile series to support those that continually support underground music; the underground radio stations. 

Broken Neck Radio

* When did the station form?necklogo
Our station formed August 25th 2011

* What is the primary goal or mission statement?
Our primary goal is to play for the listener ‘metal that makes you wanna break shit’ while also providing a platform for unsigned metal bands to obtain global exposure.

* What types of music or shows are featured?
If its metal it gets played. Our shows can very from very brutal metal, to a more old-school metal kind of theme.

* Are you open to submissions?
We are always accepting submissions from metal bands.

*What is the submission process?
Send your Mp3 tracks at 192 KBS or higher to submissions@brokenneckradio.com

* What is the best way to listen to the station?
That depends on your preference:

The quickest is by going to our website at http://www.brokenneckradio.com
Itunes Radio Directory under Hard Rock /Heavy Metal
On your Mobile Device by downloading the Tunein App

You can contact the station many ways:

You can follow us on Vine:

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