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Simtronic (upcoming house Dj and producer) has been working hard at studio over the past three months trying to find the perfect sounds to make sure his new song Wonderland featuring artists Bonafide & Mish turns to the hit that it promises to be and the most exciting part of it all is that the. project is finally done and ready for our ears absolutely free for the 1st few downloads this afternoon.

Simtronic tells us the song Wonderland is named so because it should make one feel one step closer to their ‘Wonderland’, “you find that different people take this state of mind in different levels hence the song will make each individual feel a different way of their own which is the ultimate. goal of course” he says, so its best you have a listen and find out where your imagination leads.

The download link to the song will be posted at exactly 12h00 on the following channels :

Twitter. : @simtronicdj
Facebook : Dj Simtronic
Web : www.wonderlandisout.weebly.com

About Simtronic : Simtronic is a young talented DJ who takes pride in making people dance. ‘THEY SHALL DANCE’ is his motto and he is known for the ability to please diverse crowds through his versatile music selection skills

More on www.djsimtronic.weebly.com

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