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Local ‘ABC’s of Death’ Contest Submission

The ABCs of Death is a horror anthology movie, that showcases 26 different directors.  The idea is each letter of the alphabet is attached to a short tale of death.  The deaths and tone of each short is at the discretion of the director.

The movie did well enough that they are already gearing up for a sequel.  To go with that, there is an open contest where directors can submit their vision of death for the letter ‘M’.

We have a local submission from the Panama City area that could use our support.  Director/writer Kyle Clements had this to say about his short:

Well, a friend of mine came back into town and we were discussing doing some more shooting (we’ve shot some stuff together in the past) and he mentioned the ABC’s Of Death letter ‘M’ submissions. I was originally going to shoot a video about a mannequin, but after brainstorming more I came up with Miami Cannibal. I thought it could be rather interesting and perhaps a bit unique from the rest of the entries, considering it was based upon a true crime. It was just a really creepy, scary story that fascinated me at the time when I first read about it (2012). I suppose my inspiration for shooting a video about it would derive from the element of mystery and carnage that surrounded this f****d up incident. Luckily the tiny crew I gathered to tackle the project proved awesome in helping bring it into a reality.

Following this link to watch the short, using the facebook like button at the top, commenting on it, etc – all helps grow the attention factor for this local submission to an international contest.  The more interaction and views the video has the better it performs in the contest!

(And it is a contest for a horror movie about death – so the short is gory and generally not-safe-for-work – as it should be.)

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