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The Mangled Seeks Funding

The Mangled is more than a standard horror movie seeking kickstarter funding... It has the potential to be something that will make horror fans everywhere squeal with delight.

First off, it features two of our favorite guys in the horror world:  Michael Berryman and Bill Mosley.  It also features Debbie Rochon, Mindy Robinson, and Elissa Dowling who we have had the pleasure of getting to know as Horror Queens.

“The Mangled” tells the bloody tale of a family celebrating a 25th anniversary on a rainy night in Southern, Texas. When four twenty-somethings come pounding on their door desperate for help. And one of them serious injured. But as the night goes on, we find out the Bates have secrets of their own.

They have everything from $1 bumper stickers, phone messages from the stars, props, and ways to get the full VIP treatment as part of their kickstarter campaign.

See the full details here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1868760327/the-mangled-0

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