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Earlier this month, Hurt made a stop through Destin. Before the show we had the opportunity to talk to vocalist J. Loren Wince about the Rock4Revival Tour, Hurt’s appreciation for their fans, and more.

“I just try in some small way to do the very complicated thing I do for a living, and then try to do some good with it,” a noble goal from Wince.Hurt (4)

“There was one concert to try and help out disaster relief and they said what if we could keep doing this? We sat down for a little while, and I said I’d have to check out the charity and after I checked it out it seemed like it was truly a worth wild cause so I went for it.”

And that is how the Rock4Revival Tour came to be. A single idea that snowballed into multiple tours, bands, and cities. Learn more at http://www.facebook.com/rock4revival

When it comes to Hurt, they haven’t quite reached household name statues, mostly due to their refreshing take on staying true to who they are. “We aren’t trying to be contrary. It just makes perfect sense – so you want to do something special and change someone’s life by doing exactly what everybody else does?”

“I think it is really a testament to the fans. Basically we made it in spite of ourselves because of the fans. We pretty much have made ever stupid move you can make on purpose because we still believe that art is individuality. And if somebody immediately tells you the formulaic way to do something, we are like, why would we do that?”

“I think if you are a wholehearted musician, somebody gets the underlying intent, then maybe they like the author instead of the book.”

“It is just the diversity in the music and we definitely reserve the right to do that. We have the kind of fans that support, and I am grateful for that. We aren’t going to stick to one thing that we always must do – because it’s just not a good idea.”Hurt (5)

Perhaps most moving was Wince’s true concern that the recent addition of VIP packages to this tour had left fans with the wrong impression.  Nearly every interview I do, I end with a broad question along the lines of ‘anything else you’d like to make sure is out there?‘. Answers typically float to an upcoming release or something that the band wants to promote, never have I gotten an answer like this. Even Wince’s body language changed, as he emphatically made the point that fans are important to him.

“Just recently we started selling VIP packages so people could come hang out, watch sound check, get t-shirts, stuff like that… There seemed to be a backlash because I’ve always maintained that you never have to buy anything to meet me. And that is still true. At the end of the night I am going to go hangout any chance I get. Sometimes it is not logically possible or sometimes I have the flu or something. But any chance I get, I do that.”

“It is much easier to have a personal conversation with up to only ten people – and that is why there is a limit – than it is to have it with 200. Just due to the fact that people in the clubs have to go home, people get rushed and hurried, and I have no control over the closing times of the venue.”

“I just want it to be known that I stand by that you never ever have to buy anything to meet me. Just be in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately if there are several hundred other people, the time you get to hang out is drastically smaller. I just don’t want to give anybody the wrong idea.”

“I know how I get to do this crazy shit for a living and I am never going to forget that. I still remember working hours after end just wishing that someone would listen. I’m not going to forget that.”

With the interview fully winding down, Wince said one of the truest phrases about the dichotomy of the music world. “‘Oh my god I just met a rock star,'” Wince says in an upbeat voice repeating what he’s heard from fans. “No,” says Wince, “You just met a musician.”

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