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HAYRIDE – Movie Review

Filmed just outside the 850 area near Mobile, Hayride is a horror film filled with Halloween legends, campfire stories, and a haunted hayride gone wrong.

Indie horror movies come in many flavors, the lower the budget the easier it can be to pick them apart.  Money doesn’t necessarily make a movie, but the lower the budget is the more challenges the crew will face.

Hayride isn’t a perfect movie, but it is a fun little horror movie with a different take on the killer in the woods scenario.  A lot of it is dialog driven, with most of the kills happening in the last third of the movie.

As much as I love horror movies, so much about them can be repeating themes that have been done to death.  Hayride avoids most of the cliches, even making a point to give back stories to all the primary characters.  It also includes little easter eggs that make people like me nerd out.  One of the most obvious ones is the naming of a character: Detective Loomis.

It is a nice set up for a new face in the slasher genre, and with a sequel already in post-production – it could be the creation of a new cult icon.

It was recently released, including as a redbox rental.  For links to all the distributors, visit the official website.

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