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Righteous Vendetta

“We are like a blend of rock and metal. You can expect really high energy and a lot of singing, a lot of screaming. We try to bring it every night as hard as we can.”

That is what I call a band mission statement.

Righteous Vendetta were a late edition to the Rock4Revival Tour that featured Hurt, but they were out to make the most of it.Righteous Vendetta (2)

A spur of the moment interview with lead singer Ryan Haye, revealed an extremely upbeat personality who was enjoying every moment of being on tour.

“We actually started out as a hardcore band. We used to be like heavy heavy. Like all screaming, beatdown, and sludgy guitars. Then we started maturing as songwriters and as musicians.”

They recently released a self titled album, their third release as a band, but first showcasing their new sound.

“The band is based out of Cody Wyoming. That is where I am from. And then everybody else is from different parts. The band started in Wyoming when me and the guitar player were in college. He is from Montana and the other guitar player is from Montana. Our drummer is from Texas and our bass player is from Florida.”

So how does a band from all over the states come together? “We found out drummer on YouTube. Josiah is the guy that lived in Florida, used to be in a band down here that we knew really well. Their band broke up and so we stole him.”

Righteous Vendetta stuck to their promises at Club LA. Blasting a blend of hardcore, metalcore, and post-hardcore to make something just inside of radio friendly. A truly energetic stage show, the band was a lot of fun to watch and didn’t hold anything back.

Learn more at www.righteousvendetta.com.

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