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Righteous Vendetta Returns to Destin

Ryan Hayes, vocalist for Righteous Vendetta, was nice enough to chat with us about what the band has been up to since we caught up with them back in May.   And the band’s return to Club LA in Destin on October 4th with Taproot.

850ME: We actually met once before at Destin, when you opened for Hurt. We did a really, super short interview during sound check.

Ryan: Yes! I remember that.

850ME: And I’m going to admit something kind of horrible; you guys weren’t on the original bill for that show, you got added kind of last minute.

Ryan: Right….

850ME: J. (of Hurt) was really nice, and was like ‘hey do you want to set up this interview?’. He kind of grabbed both of us and stuck us at the bar, at it was like okay – I don’t know… We will just fake it.

Ryan: That was awesome. It was a good time.

850ME: You guys put on one heck of a stage show. Y’all just absolutely blew me away that night.

Ryan: Thank you so much! We are going to be back there again on this tour we are on right now.

850ME: You are touring with Taproot next, right?

Ryan: Right now actually.

850ME: The tour is already going? How has it been going so far?

Ryan: We’ve done two shows. Last night we were in Nashville, and now we are heading to Montgomery right now.

850ME: You guys do pretty much tour non-stop.

Ryan: Pretty much. Pretty close to that.

850ME: It seems like every time I turn around and checked in on y’all – you are somewhere, doing something, with someone pretty awesome.

Ryan: That’s the plan anyway. And so far it has been working out.

850ME: It is pretty much the only way to expand a fan base at this point. And you guys have a new album coming out too?

Ryan: October the 8th the new record comes out.

850ME: Am I understanding right that it is a re-recording of some original material and then new songs too?

Ryan: It is re-recording of our entire EP. Completely re-recorded, mixed, and mastered. And a couple of older songs that was our first release. And four brand new ones, so it is a total of 14 tracks.

850ME: Why did y’all decide to go that route?

Ryan: We felt like we had rushed the EP recording, we didn’t take out time. We wanted this to be perfect and make sure that it was how we wanted it. So we took some of our best old songs as well, and we kind of wanted the best of everything we’ve done and put it on one record and let that be our big release.

850ME: We talked a little bit last time about how the band’s sound has kind of transitioned. Do you feel like that transition has continued with the new songs?

Ryan: Absolutely. The new songs are going back to being a little heavier – nothing extreme. We went a little bit heavier, a little bit more metal. That seems to be naturally the direction for those four songs. It is still a lot like the EP, just a little heavier.

850ME: Do you feel comfortable within that sound? Is that what you think the band is?

Ryan: That is more of the direction we are heading in right now.

850ME: The new songs – when you hear them next to the old ones, do you hear a difference? Do you feel like your song writing has changed?

Ryan: For the most part, no. It is a little different, but it still is the core of what we are trying to do. I am really excited about the new stuff, and I think people are really going to like it.

850ME: What would you say to someone to encourage them to check y’all out and maybe come out to a show?

Ryan: If anybody is into a high energy show, we hope they come out. We put on the best live show we possibly can. We are there to entertain.

Learn more about the band and preorder they new record on their website: http://righteousvendetta.com/

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