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Sin Seven

Sin Seven is a four-piece, Panama City Beach based band that specializes in hard rock songs from the 80’s to current radio hits. They regularly play venues along the Florida Panhandle, including stints at two of the areas biggest clubs, Club LaVela and Spinnaker. That alone is noteworthy, as few local bands are given the opportunity to play on those stages.Sin Seven (4)

The current line-up is:
Keith Carmichael – Lead Vocals
Russell Stewart – Guitar / Backing Vocals
John Cook III – Bass / Backing Vocals
Tommy Ducharme – Drums

Russell Stewart, Rusty to his friends and fans, is known throughout the local metal community as a former member of Kilhwch. “When I first got started playing in a band we went through several names and a few member changes. I wish I could remember some of those names, but deep down inside I think the root of Kilhwch was always there it was just a matter of finding the right expression of the band,” states Stewart.

A few YouTube videos have surfaced, creating new fans like myself who would jump at a Kilwch reunion. Stewart shares that sentiment, “I would absolutely love to get a Kilhwch reunion together in the near future, possibly some re-releases and shows. I think a lot of fans would like to see that.”

Sin SevenJohn Cook picked up his first bass at 12. “I started with the violin and hated it so I switched to the bass. I played that for two years and then I got my first electric bass. I was hooked and still am 16 years later.” From there he joined a band with a group of friends from high school, but he states that, “The first real band I was in was a death metal band called Unwished in Jacksonville, Florida.”

Tommy Ducharme’s first interest in drums was when he was 12. “My uncle showed me a few beats and I was off and running after that. I beat on shoe boxes, paint buckets, and table tops until I got my first set about a year later. Thank you dad.”

After years playing with touring bands and extensive time as a studio musician Ducharme was burned out, but the hiatus from music didn’t last forever. “After raising three wonderful kids and kind of getting settled and secure in life, I decided I would maybe get another kit and maybe just play in my spare time. Well not long aftSin Sevener I purchased a kit to try to knock twenty years of rust off my chops, Sin Seven came calling. I’m having the best time of my life and I have no plans on stopping anytime soon.”

Keith Carmichael partially owes his start as a vocalist to his brother and his band. “When I was about twelve years old, they were practicing at my grandmother’s, and their lead singer didn’t show up. I had always listened to my brother music and knew the songs.” After twisting his arm Keith performed for the first time with a band.

Sin Seven is progressing from their cover band status. Currently they have one completed original song and a few others in various stages of completion. “Our goal right now is to put together some good songs that really showcases our personalities,” states Carmichael. “I am more of an 80’s child, but with Sin Seven I am forced into a different box. All of a sudden I am singing Three Days Grace or Incubus, or other stuff I haven’t done in the past. It is a hodgepodge of influences.”

As a fan of Sin Seven since their inception over two years ago, it has been an honor to get to know each of the members, past and present.Sin Seven (2)

The current line-up won 2013’s Battle of the Bands at District Ultra Lounge in Dothan with Cook and Ducharme taking home best bassist and drummer respectively.

As Stewart puts it, “Winning the battle of the bands is a great opportunity to show what we are about and how we strive to succeed. This opens some new doors and takes us further in the direction we are moving towards. We work hard at what we do and I think it shows on stage.”

Learn more about the band on their reverbnation page.

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