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The Rocketz to Invade Ft Walton!

On May 16th the California based The Rocketz will bring their unique take on rock music to Coaster’s in Fort Walton.  The band is usually referred to as pyschobilly, a music sub-genre that more or less combines rockabilly and punk; although the genre doesn’t completely define this band’s sound.  Official Facebook event page here.

The following email interview is wonderfully informative if you ever wanted to know more about this growing genre of music and The Rocketz before their visit to the area.

Who is answering the questions?
I am Tony Slash, Founder\ Song Writer\ Vocalist and Guitarist for The Rocketz

How did you first discover psychobilly?
I am a first generation Psychobilly music fan. Pyschobilly was created in late 70’s by a man named P. Paul Fenech and his band The Meteors from England. I was lucky enough to fall into this extreme sub-genre of Rockabilly when it was first created. I have lived through all of the ever evolving manifestations of Psychobilly.

A lot of your music displays a wicked sense of humor and horror references – how do you decide what makes it into a Rocketz song?
I love Horror movies and like to write in a way that tells a story! The new album will still have that, but my writing has evolved a bit so less horror and more life stories. The songs that make any album by The Rocketz are songs that I believe in and thus I can “sell” the point. I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I write the same way!

What can fans expect of a live show?
I have been told and I also agree that our recorded music doesn’t do our live show justice. We are an “in the moment” live band, we try to bring the house down every time we play! We love people and we love to entertain and we have a way about us on the stage that’s both epic and intimate. If you come see The Rocketz for the first time, you will most likely be very surprised at how much fun you’re actually having!

For people who aren’t familiar with the genre mash-up that is psychobilly – how would you describe your sound?
Psychobilly was born in the U.K. and honed in Europe. Its definitely a European style inspired heavily from the American Rockabilly sound and other influences. By that standard, The Rocketz are not a Psychobilly band but an All American Rock and Roll band with heavy 90’s L.A. Punk and early Rockabilly influences. Because we use a stand up bass, we fall under the Psychobilly category and we accept that. But, ask us what we play and I usually say Punk Rock and High Powered Rockabilly!

The Rocketz on Reverbnation.

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