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Within Reason (Band Interview)

From Birmingham Alabama, Within Reason has a lot to be proud of. The rock band gained national recognition this year by winning the Grammy’s Gig of a Lifetime contest.

Incidentally, in order to fly out to LA and be a part of the Grammy’s, Within Reason had to (understandably) cancel a Destin gig. On Tuesday April 30th, they will make their return to Destin hitting Club LA’s stage with Girl on Fire and Buckcherry.

Lead singer Chris Dow and bassist David Koonce answered a few questions for us about what the band has been up to and the importance of their fanbase.

2013 helped raise Within Reason’s profile to a whole other stratosphere. What (if anything) has changed in day-to-day band life.
David: We have been a lot busier but its something that we have been preparing for. We are always looking ahead and are preparing ourselves to capitalize on opportunities.

What is next in the pipeline for the band?
David: Getting ready to launch a radio campaign. We are always writing

A new album on the horizon?
Chris: We are constantly writing new stuff. Our latest album ‘After the Crawl’ just came out and we are just now about to start radio with it, so it may be a ‘minute’ before we go back to do a full record.  But, we may head in the studio soon and record a couple to let fans start hearing some new stuff that will be on the next record.

How long did it take for the Grammy experience to sink in?
Chris: I don’t know if any of this stuff will ever sink in completely. You dream all your life about stuff like this and it just seems surreal everyday to me.
David: It all hit me at an after party at the Grammy’s. I looked over at Chris and said “Can you believe we just did all of that?

You have an incredibly active fan-base who have played a crucial role in helping you get opportunities like The Gig of a Lifetime. Would you like to send them any kind of message?
Chris: As always, we wouldn’t exist without fans so we appreciate them so much for being so active and helping us share the music with others so we can continue to grow. We encourage them all to add the band and each member’s Facebook and twitter so we can interact with them personally.
David: We have the best fans. Its very important to remember they are the oil in this machine. Without each one of them nobody in this band would have a job.

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