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Band Review: The Helvetica Effect

A powerful three piece rock band – with lots of heart.

First of all, you just have to love a band that continually supports the local community through charity gigs.  The Helvetica Effect does that and more, from being part of Rock for the Cure to being vocal fans of other groups, you just have to love them.

The Helvetica Effect plays two distinct types of shows.  Gigs at area clubs featuring a slew of cover songs, from Tenacious D to Deftones to more common rock cover fare.  Compared to gigs where they share the stage with other bands, blasting through a 40+ minute set of original songs.

Both are a lot of fun to be a part of, sound great, and full of high energy – but there is a powerful rawness when they perform their originals.  This emotional storm is unleashed; and you walk away knowing that you just witnessed something pure, real, and special.

With a full EP coming out later this year, The Helvetica Effect is going to be a local band to keep an eye on.

More photos of the band.

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