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A New Year Message from the helvetica effect

Sometimes it is all about timing – or my lack there of.   I wrote my review of the helvetica effect on the last day of 2011, but because I’ve actually been a semi-good blogger and posting a little more frequently, I pushed the post out a few days, and it appeared on the blog late last night.

Yesterday afternoon the helvetica effect posted a lovely year in review message on their facebook page.  I would have included it in my review, as it only further exemplifies the type of guys that make up this band, the type that take the time to thank everyone around them, but I didn’t see the post until today.

My solution? Here is the letter in its entirely, reposted with permission.  And if you missed my review, you can follow this link to read it.

Hello, Effectees.

2011.  Holy crap.  Where do we begin?

The shows.  77 of them this year alone.  We all about crapped ourselves when we counted and saw that large of a number.  Some were beautiful and acoustic.  And most were, well…us doing our thing, whatever that is.  You dig it for whatever reason and we’re not about to start arguing with you now. Thank you if you’ve even just been to one of them. 🙂

The bands.  Mother of God, what a year.  Sonic Cell, Something to Yield, For Shame, Dismystic, Retorik, Shenaniganz, Needless (RIP), Paloma, Eerie Rockwell, Forevers Calling (RIP), Unnatural Soundz, Killed Off Screen (RIP), Losing Cadence, The Icarus Effect, Downthreat, Drayton Sawyer, This Day Will Tell, Dawn Will Break, The Devil and Mrs. Jones (RIP), Falling at Will (RIP), Something Once Sacred, Broke Pony, Holdcell…….we know there are tons more, but these are just the ones off the top of our head.  If you don’t know any of these bands, you should look them up on Facebook as soon as you’re done reading this message.  We’ve gotten the honor to play with all of these fine gentlemen and ladies and are all the richer and inspired from it.  Thank you.

The record.  It’s coming.  Even in the limited time constraints we already have, Richard Skopnik has been working hard to get it mixed and edited down to be the best thing we can possibly put out there; he truly deserves a whole lot of love and even more so once this thing is done.  And it’s gonna blow your head off.

The Helvetica Effect: Calm Amongst the Chaos.  Spring 2012.  Official date coming soon.  New teaser trailers coming even sooner.

Then, there’s you.  Yes, you.  You really are to blame for all this, you know? 😉

You are the reason we’ve gotten the opportunity to open up for Candlebox, one of the biggest shows of our lives.  You’re the reason we nailed top spots in band battles.  You’re the reason Florida Locals and 850MusicBlog consistently post about us, among others.  You’re the reason Joshua David from 106.3 FM in Wichita Falls, Texas wants to play our stuff on his show.  You’re the reason we’ve gotten nominated for Best Rock Artist for this year from The Beachcomber…

The list could go on and on.  Bottom line – this thing we started up just for fun (3 years ago now) is turning into something bigger than what we could have possibly imagined.  And it’s all thanks to you – all 528 of you on this page alone and the countless others we encounter from you spreading the word about us.  We see your posts about us and we look at your messages to us and the love that you have; ‘shock and awe’ is the best way to describe it.  You all have found something in our music that connects to you and speaks to you…and that’s all we’ve ever intended to begin with and we will never be able to thank you enough for your love and support.  We can only hope that it only grows stronger as these years go by and crazier things happen on the day to day.

Our love for you all is truly unwavering – thank you for accepting this music from these 3 guys from Fort Walton Beach, FL.

the helvetica effect

Matthew Cyrus, William McLoone, M. Robert Perez

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