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Band Review: Pretentious

I love metal.  I love hard rock.  I think I may love Pretentious.

Nearly all the music I listen to is dark, heavy, and angry; and in many ways Pretentious is their polar opposite.  Although they play metal, doom, metalcore – they also dress up in a tutu with a creepy creepy mask, dance like they are at a rave, have the craziest disco samples playing between songs, and just are all about having a good time.

If there were trying to make some big statement, it might could be deemed ‘metal performance art’.  However, I think the most likely answer is they truly want to have a good time.  Here are some local boys from Panama City, that are enjoying playing in a band together and bring a little harmless shock’n’awe with them.

I mean look at this picture and tell me that isn’t a bunch of hams out to raise a little hell?

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