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Goal Update: Getting Slave to the Day on Movie Studios’ Radar

Sometimes you have this big idea – and you just can’t make it work.

Well, here I am giving my honest update on this goal (original post is below).  As I’ve said before the progress on some of these goals is about the learning experience, what works and what doesn’t when it comes to interesting ways to market music.

And, with that in mind, I really feel like I’ve failed this one.  Without the clout of a company behind me, it is also harder to accomplish than I ever would have considered.  It turns out most movie companies, even ones that are on the relatively small side and genre specific, are a bit shy about putting ways to contact their licensing departments out there.  I was able to send off several emails, and sometimes one email to the right person is all that is needed, but I leave this goal without a really great positive vibe.

With social media the way it is, it is possible for someone to chug away for hours to individually contact each movie producer out there.  And if you are going for something specific, say you think your song would embody the spirit of the Evil Dead remake, then it may be the perfect way to go.  Most writers, producers, and general behind the scene’s people are more likely to reply and more importantly read something that is directed towards them than the actors that are bombarded with hundreds of messages a day.

So if you are stuck in a van, on the road in the middle of nowhere it would be very smart to sign-up a band related twitter account and tweet everyone who could help you get some exposure for your music.  Although I can’t say where it could go, it is a chance to get your band name if front of some very influential people.

With that said, I’m sorry I didn’t fare better with this goal – but hopefully it was helpful for someone out there!

The Slave to the Day CD has been on a constant loop in my car for over 2 months.  It is that good.

This goal is my biggest yet; but the music is good enough to be a feasible goal.

I love movies.  But more than that, I love horror movies.  And some of the Slave to the Day tracks are so perfect to be licensed to this purpose.

This is the letter I emailed in to several movie studios:

Hi!  I am a big time horror fan and am excited about a band’s music that would be a great fit for horror movie soundtracks.  They are Slave to the Day and the songs In My Head and Messor would be amazing options for a horror movie.

To be clear, I am in no way affiliated with the band or their label.  Just a fan of good movies and good music.

I thought short and sweet might get the better response.

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