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Venue Review: Club LaVela – Panama City Beach

It is a little unfair to call this a venue review; it is more to share my unusual experience at the Taddy Porter / Puddle of Mudd show that may help someone else out there get to the front row.  But if you want to take a could look at a lot of what the club offers, browse my flickr set dedicated just to LaVela shows.

This is going to sound counterintuitive, and it very well won’t apply for future concerts at Club LaVela, so try this at your own risk…..

How did we make it to the front of this show?  We bought tickets at the door.  Sounds weird, right?

When we made it to LaVela about an hour, maybe an hour and half before the official ‘doors open’ time there were two long lines forming.  Those lines were for people who already had tickets in hand.  Because we didn’t have tickets yet, we were instructed to move directly in front of the club were there was a short VIP line, and a super short line for people who needed to buy tickets.

So, because we didn’t have tickets yet, we beat most of the VIPs, and nearly all of the ticket holders into the venue.  And that is the weird weird way that we ended up on the front.

Maybe it is derivative of the time of year the concert happened (after Spring Break but before Summer crowds) but all the lines were a bit disorganized.  It was confusing to figure out which line was the right line, and it didn’t help when different employees seemed to have different opinions; an occurance that may only further enforce that this could be an unusual phenomena.

As a venue, it is what it is.  The stage is nice and large.  The “rock arena” where concerts and bands play is an outdoor deck with a big pool in the middle.  Your surrounded by bars, smaller club rooms, a couple of concession areas, and the beach.

I would love to hear from others if this type of line scenario is common, or just can be chopped up to being a fluke.

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