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Band Review: Hollow Leg

Metal becomes an interesting section of music to write reviews on because of the way it segments and then sub-segments itself; only to have bands like Hollow Leg break open those labels.  On their bandcamp page they use the words doom, sludge, and stoner to describe themselves. Elements of each of those sub-segments of metal are present, but it all comes together in a way that seems to create its own wonderful niche. (To read a great review of the band from someone who has a much better handle on the scene as a whole, this is something you must read.)

Once upon a time, Hollow Leg was a two piece band.  And although it is amazing what two very talented people are capable of, they have recently expanded their line up to being a full four piece band, who put on one blistering show.

In my opinion one of the best indicators of a band is if they sound as good live as they do recorded, and if they can capture their raw energy on a recording.  Hollow Leg manages to do both with flying colors.  “Instinct” is a great LP – the songs just seem to sink further into your psyche after every listen.  There is a (what I believe to be an intentional) repetitiveness between the songs that further takes you into this wonderfully powerful metal trance.  Each time I make it through the CD it is like time speeds up and I have reached the end in a blink of an eye – each time oddly sad that more tracks don’t magically appear.

In a way their live set is the same.  It was a powerful, kick in the teeth kind of set, but you settle into this wonderful, chaotic groove and become so lost in it that you can’t believe it when you’ve reached the end.

Want to see if Hollow Leg’s music does the same for you?  Keep an eye on their myspace for upcoming tour dates, and listen to the tracks below.

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  2. orlandooom407
    November 6, 2011

    Thanks for the props to Orlandooom.com!

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