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Band Review: Omean

Omean is a metal band that fails to fit into one category, and are a better band because of it.  Their five song EP Sea God keeps you on your toes.  Each track has a different flare, or musical focus – but somehow it manages to work together as one piece of music, never feeling disjointed. And the vocals really catch you off guard – and that is meant as a powerful endorsement of this band. (Embedded tracks are below – please check ’em out for yourself.)

There is a double-edged sword with concerts.  I love knowing someone’s music beforehand, as you listen to the music a little differently – you look for nuances.  Somehow it feels more participatory when you know the songs with the band, even without cheesy sing-alongs.  I also really enjoy going in cold.  Not knowing anything about the band besides their name.  When you go in cold there are no expectations, so when a band like Omean comes along that just leaves you holding your breath it is that much more of a powerful experience.  You feel like you discovered something, had part in uncovering the next big thing and sharing it with the world.

Their live show is utterly tremendous.  Omean’s lead singer has one thing that a lot of metal bands lack; stage presence.  He manages to bellow these deep vocals, distorted screams, and powerful growls all while interacting with the audience in a genuine way.

This show gives me loads of hope that new metal hyphenates are going to take over the world. And I will be one of the first in line to snag a copy of Omean’s EP when it comes out later this year.

As a side note, they get bonus points for having a nice website, and some really wonderful Lovecraftian T-shirt designs.

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