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Band Review: Taddy Porter

Rock ‘n Roll is alive and well.

Have you heard the name Taddy Porter before?  Well sit back and take note because I think these boys are going to go far.

Even before I knew that Taddy Porter was going to open for the Puddle of Mudd show, I knew of Taddy Porter.  Admittedly it is mostly because they opened a few dates for Stone Temple Pilots this year, but it was enough to pique my curiosity and get out to see these guys.

Beyond everything, it might be easiest to classify Taddy as a fusion band, successfully melding several concepts into one energetic package.  Think 70’s rock, southern rock, and lo-fi minimalist vibe with keyboards thrown in.

I love being on, or near, the front at concerts when possible; but there is a downside.  Depending on the stage layout it can vastly limit your point of view.  Between that, and the guitarist in front of me being about one of the most energetic guitar players I have ever seen – it was a little hard to stand back and take in the show as a whole.  Think I’m exaggerating?  Check out some of the videos below – that kid is an amazing fireball of energy to watch on stage.

The songs sounded really great live, and they even debuted a new song for us that night.

Do they put on a high energy show? Check.
Do they sound strong live? Check.
Do they know how to interact with the crowd? Check.
Do they seem like nice guys? Check.
Should you go see them if you have the chance? Check!

So thanks for coming to out little corner of the world Taddy Porter – and I have a feeling next time you will be headlining your own show.  They have a great website set up, that includes a spot to listen to some of their songs, see upcoming tour dates, and much more.

Here are some videos I threw up on youtube of the show — the audio is pretty distorted because I was super close to the speakers.  But they are fun to watch!

Review for Taddy Porter at Club LaVela, Panama City Beach, Florida on 5/7/2011.

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