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Update: Goal: Getting Wes Jeans in with the Shed Blues Venues

I feel good about calling this goal near completed, because although I’m not sure what the final outcome will be, I did help set things in motion – and the rest is out of my hands.  After a couple unanswered emails, a little more digging and I found the Shed’s entertainment director who seems very receptive of the idea.

If you are interested in playing at any of the Shed venues, don’t be skittish to blast of an email to the address found on The Shed’s website, here.  The response I got back was positive, appreciative, and enthusiastic — and if that tone is a general indication, it seems like they welcome new talent to approach them.

So although I can’t say this one is 100% completed yet, I did play a role in making this wonderful series of blues venues know about a talented blues band.  The rest…. well, we will just have to wait and see.

Here is the orginal post of the topic…

Remember my review of the Wes Jeans Band?  Well I have a goal I am working on with them:  I think they would be a great fit as performers at The Shed.  What is great about The Shed is it is a series of venues in the south – and could be really great exposure for Wes.

How am I accomplishing this goal?  Well for now, I passed the contact info of The Shed’s booking contact onto Wes’s booking agent.  That may be enough to get the ball rolling – but I always have a plan b ready if it isn’t enough.

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