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Band Review: Hendrix Experience

A tribute band – when done well – is a great chance to nearly see the legend that you aren’t able to.

There was a time when metal-head me went through a massive hippie stage.  I worshipped at the altar of Jim Morrison and even thought the VW Beetle’s were the coolest cars ever.   The hippie stage fell away, my love of sports cars kicked in, but the music has stayed with me.

Most of the greats of that era simply aren’t with us; and tribute bands give us a chance to experience a time warp, especially when they are good.

The Hendrix Experience is an awesome chance to do just that.  Playing through most of the hits and some B-side gems, the set was a great exploration into the music of one of the most loved guitar gods.

The band does a great job with the songs, and Tendure is an amazing guitar player, able to handle the complexity of Hendrix songs with ease.

So thanks to Thunder Beach to bring out the Hendrix Experience  –  it was a wonderful tribute to a talent we lost far too soon. And Tendure can be reached through his facebook page.

I did take a little bit of video, but due to a technical issues it didn’t turn out right.  I will try to fiddle with it, and at least pull some of the images of the show to share with you — but a quick hop on youtube and I found this great video of the show from user max1tributes.

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